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Seamless Pipe
Seamless pipe is called because it is a pipe without a seam or a weld-joint in contrast In a Seam or Welded pipe, Seamless pipe have only one disadvantage that is the pipe limiting the strength of the pipe to the strength of the weld-joint. Whereas the seamless pipe does not have any such joint and thus has uniform structure & strength all over the pipe body. Therefore the seamless pipe can sustain higher pressure, higher temperature, higher mechanical stress & corrosive atmosphere and find wide applications in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Power, Automotive, Bearing, Mechanical & Structural applications.
Seamless Pipe Distributors in India

Tube Trading CO. had acquired a good market share in India. In the subsequent years Tube Trading CO had increase its volume and range of the product. Even today Tube Trading CO. continues to maintain its leadership position as the largest suppliers of seamless pipes in India. From the early years Now Tube Trading CO. have the clients across all over India. These mostly used in industries like, it can be used in Oil and Gas industry. Chemical and Petrochemical industry. Machinery manufacturing industry. Marine equipment’s manufacturing industry. Pharmaceutical industry. It is also used in Energy and Power Generation industry. We use to provide quality service and perfect product to the client. We always follow that highest quality level product should be delivered to the client. Tube Trading CO. always use to maintain a good relationship with their valuable clients.