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Product/Pipes for fire fighting works

Pipes for fire fighting works

The Tube Trading Co., which began its operations 24 years ago, is the most cutting-edge facility of its kind in India. Milling, welding, and galvanising equipment, as well as a fully operational repair workshop and Laboratory testing facility, are all housed in one convenient location within the plant.

Our extensive product catalogue includes pipes for fire fighting works as well as pipes for solar system works; these pipes have won widespread acclaim for their outstanding abrasion resistance, unique design details, and sturdy build. The pipes for firefighting works manufactured by Tube Trading Co. are long-lasting and durable, all thanks to the high-quality galvanised iron (GI) used in manufacturing those robust pipes.

Specially designed pipes for fire fighting works that are used only in fire fighting systems for extinguishing fires are called fire fighting pipes. These pipes are utilised in automatic sprinkler systems as well as other water systems. These pipes are typically painted red so that firefighters and other folks may easily recognise them in the event of an emergency. as well as to isolate them from the many other water systems. This article will describe the operation of the pipes for fire fighting works as well as the many kinds of pipes that are utilised in fire suppression systems. When it comes to the fire protection sector, we provide a comprehensive product line that meets both domestic and international standards.

The term "solar water heating system" refers to any apparatus that uses the sun's rays to supply warm water through specially designed pipes for solar system works to the users for consumption. Solar energy is most commonly used for heating water around the world. The solar collectors along with the pipes for solar system works installed in a solar water heating system are typically mounted on the roof.

In order to safeguard lives and property, the pipes for fire fighting works are the most crucial component of the building's services. There are three primary components that make up the fire piping system:

  • A big container for storing water.
  • Unique pumping setup.
  • A piping network either for a fire hydrant or sprinklers.

A few big names in the field of the pipe manufacturing industry in India can now take advantage of numerous openings made possible by the booming real estate industry, including the construction of large-format office buildings and connected structures like cutting-edge medical facilities, hotels, subway stations, shopping centres, and many more. Because of this development, people in both commercial and residential buildings now recognise the importance of pipes for firefighting works, which is crucial for their safety.

Pipes for fire fighting works

Tube Trading Co. is pleased to introduce ourselves as a stockist / Distributor of all varieties of pipes for fire fighting works as well as pipes for solar system works. We are in the market for the last 24 years and we supply to almost 720 reputed Companies in India (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Daman, Uttar Pradesh etc.)

We have established ourselves as a formidable force in the Indian Pipes manufacturing industry, and its products are held in the highest regard around the world.

The Tube Trading Co. facility has everything it needs to produce high-quality MS black and galvanising pipes and tubes in sizes ranging from 15 to 300 mm, all of which conform to national as well as international specifications.

The Tube Trading Co. has grown tremendously over the past decade, mostly as a result of the company's dedication to providing its customers with ever-improving quality and service.